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Job Hunt Manager was created to keep track of all your job applications and related interviews, assessments and assignments. You can also add contacts, documents and all the links you want. Oh! and it is free!

New Meet JOBTAR, your Job Search AI assistant

Unleash AI potential on your applications

JOBTAR can provide you with insights about your CV and also generate customized cover letters which adapt to each job application based on your CV.

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Don't you remember the LinkedIn profile of a contact or did you lost the specs of your application on your email inbox? Store all this data at Job Hunt Manager. Do you use many email inboxes or calendars? Get a view of all your incoming events at Job Hunt Manager.

Interviews Management

Add your application interviews along with all contacts, documents and links you need.

Assessment Management

Add your application assessment with all the support documents or information you need.

Assignment Management

Add and track your assignments, adding all the support documents, notes or links you need.

Contacts Management

Store contacts or add them to you applications, interviews, assessments or assignments.

Document Storage

Upload your application role specifications, support documents or any other piece of information.

Links Management

Add relevant links for your applications, interviews, assessments or assignments.

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